Reclaim our future


The Reclaim our Future project is an initiative to build a network of relationships, led by youth, adults and elders to inspire and support each other.



holding spaces of support and inspiration,

to emerge concrete actions,

for a sustainable, regenerative and fair world.

Through sharing voices and stories of those who embody the new story we seek to empower each other in stepping into the Great Turning. We believe that by holding space for each other, we can, quickly and collectively, fight for the emergence of a sustainable and regenerative future on a planet earth already radically affected by our actions.

empowering youth


mothering as activism

eco education

We are failing in our duties to the young, not least because we are failing to equip them to deal with the consequences of what we are leaving behind.

David Orr

Empowering youth

Right livelihood online journey

For 9 months we offer an “online journey” of community. Once a month we meet online in “circle” to hold space for young people to be heard and seen. It is a space where where the young participants can hear a different story, grounded in peaceful actions,share their needs and experience deep listening. We share practices and tools to handle difficult emotions which can arise in these times of global crises. 

After 4 month we open the conersation by inviting elders to join. The elder  tell their story, share their wisdom, their experiences and then engage in conversation with the group. The young activists will be able to be inspired from these different paths. 

Examples of Elders include Colin Campbell, Satish Kumar, Matthieu Ricard, Gigi Coyle, Azul Thomé, Chris Jonhstone, Lobby Macnamara,…

Want to you join us?

If you are between 18 and 28 years old,and wish to take part in the journey please send us a message.


Sharing voices and stories

The recent actions by young activists around the world, such as Greta Thunberg and the Schools Strike for Climate, Youth for Climate, Fridays for Future, Extinction Rebellion Youth,… are creating a worldwide movement that is  needed to bring sustainable change. We feel it is time for the elders to step forward and support these young activists. As a sixteen year old activist told us at an event: “I hate it when people tell me “you give me hope”, WE need YOU to be hopeful, we need adults to be examples of HOPE!!”

With these podcasts, through sharing voices of those who embody the new story we seek to empower and inspire youth in stepping into their full potential and being part of the change.


mothering as activism

What world do we want for our children?

What do we serve? What vision of beauty beckons us? This is the question we must ask as we pass through the initiatory portal we call climate change. In asking it, we summon a collective vision that nucleates a common story, a common agreement. I do not think the story will be the old future of flying cars, robot servants, and bubble cities overlooking a befouled and barren landscape. It will be a future where the beaches are profuse with seashells again, where we see whales by the thousands, where flocks of birds stretch horizon to horizon, where the rivers run clean, and where life has returned to the ruined places of today.” -Charles Eisenstein

Inspired by Charles’s invitation to summon the more beautiful world we wish for our children, we invited mother to share their vision and dreams.

Each week we share one of their stories…

ECO Education

Educating in the space between stories

We offer workshops, trainings and sharing circles, holding one question: how to guide and support the young generations in this period of transition? A period where uncertainties, doubts and fears offer us a choice: to feel paralysed and hide behind non-action or to go out of our comfort zone and find creative solutions for change?

Offering a space for conversation and sharing is perhaps a way to connect to self by taking care of the other holding his or her difference.  Working on our own transformation supports the collective transition. This work allows us to embody new ideas, create concrete actions to move towards sustainable change and social and ecological justice.

“Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.” 
 Rainer Maria Rilke



Matthieu Ricard

Satish Kumar


Adélaïde Charlier
Co-founder of Youth for climate

Inspiring Youth

“Inner peace means being consistent with the message we receive and the actions we take.”

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